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 The World of Amarynth

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PostSubject: The World of Amarynth   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:28 pm

Just about every fantasy roleplay deals or is centered around it. Whether it be off kingdoms
wanting breathing room or just rivaling royal brothers. But some rarely go deeper then that. They do not
have much more to offer. Now, I do admit this is to have a war or two but they are only to give a troubled
setting. It has no real twist on the plot.

No, I want this roleplay to be different. It is about a world forgotten to ours. It is home to all our mythical
creatures that we no longer believe to exist yet cannot imagine that they might not have ever been alive.
They are too complex to be just made up. The beings would slip between our world and theirs through a
series of gateways or portals but in return someone from our world could end up in theirs. It had become
a common tale and as our own wars went on the gateways were sealed. It was to prevent anymore interaction
since we no longer wished to believe in such creatures anyway. It would ensue chaos if a being was to end up in
ours and be spotted or worse caught. And so the connection has been put to an end.

But that is a mere reference and will not have much to do with the plot. The plot itself is set in this magical world,
Amarynth, where it is actually at a rather peaceful point of time. Yes, there is a war stretching toward the west but
it is currently at a ceasefire due to holidays. Neither wish for bloodshed on merry days. But despite the peaceful attitude
odd things have been occurring. People have vanished only to reappear dead or disfigured. Beasts have attacked remote
villages without reason when in past years they had been kind.

Blame of these events have fallen on a legendary group named the Fallen.
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The World of Amarynth
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