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 Information on Sakreh

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PostSubject: Information on Sakreh   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:28 am

† Sakreh:
----Population is large but not as large as most. It is a desert land with few oasis. Those do not live in the country believe it to be dying and a horrible place when in reality the economy is blooming and its residents are happy. It even rains a few weeks over the year.

-----Sakreh is known to be a breeding ground for the supernatural. It is not uncommon to come across a wayward spirit. There are rumors of the deceased Princess Noria roaming the halls, looking for her two sons. She had been murdered over a decade ago along with most of the royal family.

----Important figures are very few for recent history. Prince Nezkiel (who was of those murdered) was obsessed with the idea that the fallen truly were angels that had lost their way and were currently up to something vile. Because of this he had created an organization to find out as much as possible on the beings. Some believe his research had gone too far and that is what lead to his death, for that very night his study (which help most of his prized information) was ransacked.
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Information on Sakreh
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