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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:58 pm

☞ This is a literate roleplay community, that means two paragraph minimum posts (four to six sentences each), decent grammar, spell checked spelling (please inform why if this is not possible), and sentence structure that you can understand. I want characters to seem real as if you are truly reading a grand book. Now, I can understand typos and I am not a grammar nazi but I will come close if I get annoyed.
☞ Please put effort in to the plot, don't relay solely on myself unless you want to see it flat out die. But that doesn't mean you can take completely control either! And involve everyone! No ignoring and no expecting everyone to run to you either. Sometimes you have to go to them. Don't expect your character to be the center of attention.
☞ If you want to have romance, make sure it is tasteful and actually enjoyable to read. If it is just cliched then you'll annoy everyone.
☞ I ask that you use italicize for thoughts and to keep posts readable. No huge or super tiny fonts and no super-bright colors either.
☞ Please only have your character be in three roleplays at once.
☞ You do not need to create separate accounts for characters, but it may come in handy.
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Roleplay Rules
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