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 Information on Seraree

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PostSubject: Information on Seraree   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:33 am

† Seraree:
----The only country that is close to Earthen standards. They have some technology and luxury that was borrowed (stolen by the royal family) from an earthen nation when the gateways worked properly. But such pleasures can still be hard to come by even for the wealthy. Seraree also has the biggest capital (which is named after the country itself) in all of Amarynth. It is constantly busy and filled with people.

----Seraree is most known for its elaborate clocktower this is blessed with magic to always stay running. It is decorated with statues of the current and deceased angels above its face.

----A figure that is related to Seraree is a male cat-humanoid named Ket Saiko. He was one of the few to survive a genocide of his species within the country (a city named Tregurda to be exact) and later came to nearly destroy it. Tregurda is now mostly ruins and its population little. A large number searched out the man but he could never be caught. He soon became known as a vigilante within the capital however. But he vanished a few years later and have not been heard of since.
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Information on Seraree
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