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 Information on Kessir

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PostSubject: Information on Kessir   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:41 am

† Kessir:
----When one simply looks at a map, they'd think that Kessir, along with its capital Kaylyn, is smack in the middle of nowhere; the people would beg to differ. It is a beautiful country, with rolling fields that make excellent farmland and generally, peace has blessed the country. Until recently.

----Before, it was humbly governed over by a kindly and elderly lord who cared deeply for the people of Kessir, despite the fact no one knew where he came from, or even what kind of being he was, just that he was sickly, and at least a few centuries old. This changed when Lord Ramieth came from the south with a horrible army, seizing control of the beautiful country without warning. There are rumors that the poor, elderly lord was killed during the invasion, but others say he got away and is in desperate hiding. No one knows for sure.
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Information on Kessir
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