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 Arixis Port

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PostSubject: Arixis Port   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:43 am

† Arixis Port:
----Perhaps one of the smaller countries, since it largely centers around the city of Arlslinn, one's ideal of an olden port city, and smaller port cities center around it. Anything and everything is shipped from all over Amarynth here, but of course, one can't get any better sea treasures and its food than here.

----Ideally, if one is trying to cross from Tyree to Azyme, the best place do so is from the main port of Arixis. Usually one can find safe and reasonably priced travel from there to one of the ports of Seraree or even to Arzlic. One would think it would be best to travel to Yggsdailn, but because then the traveler would either have to cross the swamps, or find another boat to get to a more hospitable part of Azyme, most prefer the longer ride to the prior.

----Up until a few years ago, there haven't been any notable conflicts within Arixis Port. There were some squabbles yes, but nothing so much as to cause a revolution or civil war. Finally, what stirred things up was the arrival of Lord Ramieth. The people tried to revolt, to keep their land and home, but the demon crushed that will like he would with an insect. Now things seem to go as normal, but everything that happens, is shipped, who travels, is all under careful surveillance of the dark lord's servants; they always whisper of interesting transactions to their fearsome master, and if there is one that really peaks his curiosity, he may just pay a visit.
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Arixis Port
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