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 Information on Mek islands

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PostSubject: Information on Mek islands   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:47 am

----The largest of the Mek Islands and also with the only really known population with the large town of Parasil. Generally untouched and unclaimed by other countries, it is still a splendor to behold. The forests are calm and peaceful, with the waters from the Maet Fork always fresh and clean and ready to drink.

----The second largest of the islands and perhaps the most mysterious of them, its own mystery contending that with the Great Forest of Tylesyrjear. There are supposedly no towns or cities, yet it is widely known to be called a paradise dropped from heaven.

----The most popular legend of Shaellot that there is only one person living on the whole island, simply just known as the Lady of Shaellot. No one has ever seen her, she has never left her island of peace and tranquility, and that she is perhaps one of the most beautiful creatures to grace the world.

----Second most is what really adds to the mysterious air of the island is that it disappears. Like those who attempt to find it, never can, and when logically supposed to be at the shore of it by the maps standards never find it. Even those from Maeth do not know what to make of it, but often say that it is the Lady's way.

----Smallest of the Mek Islands. Not much is known of the place, though it is not as unknown as Shaellot. Rumors have it that a clan of bird folk have made residence of the isle and even have their own city.
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Information on Mek islands
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