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 Kyrylo Airan

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PostSubject: Kyrylo Airan   Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:41 pm

((Hope I'm doing this right. xD))

Username: Winndy

Name: Kyrylo Airan (pronounced: key-REE-low AYE-rahn)

Nickname: None that he knows of currently

Age: About one-hundred and forty, but appears to be in his late teens or early twenties

Race: Twilight Elf

Gender: Male

Bio: Kyrylo comes from a small family living in Knaah Cdyn, the capital city of the secretive kingdom of the Twilight Elves, a cousin kin to the Dark Elves who often live to be a thousand years old or more. Unlike the latter race though, Kyrylo and the rest of his people are quite gentle and loving beings, though a bit reclusive.
As a child, it was Kyrylo's dream to join the royal guard, to become a knight in service of his people, and at a very young age, began his training to achieve such a dream. Many years and much hardship passed by him, more than any mere human could endure, however when Kyrylo was between the ages of ninety and one-hundred, he took the oath as a knight, receiving the kiss from Princess D'lanna as a blessing.
Another ten years passed, and though Kyrylo is still a very young knight, he's gained respect among his peers due to his commitment and loving personalty, enough to that he attracted a fair elven maiden. Courtship for the Twilight Elves is long and tedious, for a part of their tradition is that when they choose a mate, it is for life, and thus they all always tread cautiously. Even so, he and the woman had a connection, becoming engaged. Yet it didn't last.
Tragedy striked one night with the disappearance of the Princess D'lanna, and all evidence to whom did this crime pointed to Kyrylo. Of course he, and his sweetheart, tried to persuade the Royal Court of his innocence, but more and more their favor turned from them, resulting in banishment from the kingdom for Kyrylo, even stripped of his title as one of the Royal Knights.
From then to now, Kyrylo has wandered far and wide, trying to keep his spirits up and search for the Princess, not think of whom and what he lost behind back home. It's been hard though, and while normally he's all smiles and laughs, truly he's lonely and even a bit depressed and homesick, with the only way of returning home is with him returning the Princess back, least should he be doomed to spend the rest of his very long life on a quest he has no idea where to even begin.
Personality: Before, Kyrylo was happy, optimistic and quite cheerful, even able to have these feelings trickle down to those around him. Now, he still tries to keep up such an appearance, let no negative feelings tie him down, but it has been hard, and occasionally he does slip into a quiet depression.
When working with others, he tends to let others take the spot light or be the leader, simply just being another helping hand, always there when needed. He has no qualms talking to and meeting new people, and usually enjoys it much of the time. He doesn't enjoy encountering any rude individuals, of course, but does try to be patient and understanding with them, even if they are not with him.

Appearance: Kyrylo stands at an average height of about 5'9'' or 5'10''. He's quite fit and yet has a generally slender build. His hair is silver-gray that gives a periwinkle color in the right light (some calling his hair color "starlight") that reaches to his shoulders and is wavy at the ends. His skin is a very dark brown-gray color, with his hands calloused from his decades of training and short work as a knight. He has eyes that are a golden-amber color with no black iris, even with the whites having a yellow tint to them; however, they are always warm and kind, glittering with some gentle wisdom.
Kyrylo is pretty attractive, but not in the graceful and elegant way that most elves are. He has a bit of a more rugged look, with a sharply angled face and large, but dexterous, hands. His clothes are in the browns and greens of the forest, excellent for camouflage and easy to move in, and made from materials where they even are a sort of light armor that keep him warm and cool depending on the weather. At his forearms are the arm guards that he received when first ordained as a knight, with elegant patterns swirling into his family's personal crest. He also wears a long purple scarf his mother knitted for him when he was but a young child.
He carries all manner of items, tools, and weapons needed for surviving in the wilderness. He has a short sword, keeping it on his back much of the time, a peculiar folding-up bow and a quiver of arrows, along with a few daggers he keeps hidden on his person. He has with him as well several healing herbs and natural remedies, and even some small cooking materials and ingredients, along with small bags that carry already prepared food and a tightly sewn pouch for water.

Abilities: Due to his work as a knight, and just for the many decades of training, he has gotten to be incredibly good with a variety of tools and weapons. He mainly excels at using a bow and arrow, short sword, and some daggers and knives (keeping some tucked in his boots or otherwise hidden on his person). He also has a vast knowledge of different plants and their properties, such as that he knows which are poisonous, which can help a sickly person, and so on. He also has an odd talent for stealth; no matter the environment, he seems to appear and disappear at will, and somehow seems to achieve this with no magical use whatsoever.

Weakness: Kyrylo, like the rest of his people, cannot use magic in any way, shape, or form, not even the novice's kind of magic. In some cases even, a Twilight Elf can get sick from magic exposure, and unfortunately Kyrylo has this to a degree (he mostly suffers from light-headedness, dizziness, et cetera). Thus, he is almost defenseless against a strong magic user, having only to rely on his speed and strength to make it out alive.
As well, he has a very peculiar phobia of beetles when at a certain size. If bigger than a coin, he is perfectly content with them, any smaller however, and he tries his best to get away from the insect. However, if struck in a situation where he cannot escape them, he freezes up and becomes unresponsive until the beetle(s) are gone.

Other: Kyrylo has always loved music of most any sort along with dance. A talent that he has (though doesn't really empathize) is that he has his own pleasant singing voice. He doesn't sing often, and when he does, it's just about always when he is alone (or at least when he thinks he is).
Normally, Kyrylo is calm and kind hearted, even to those who do not deserve compassion, so it would seem nigh-impossible to see him angry, when there are two things that can cause him to become gravely upset: a lie (it has to be a pretty big and meaningful one of sorts) and betrayal. The latter especially really causes a side of Kyrylo to surface that no one, even those who know him well, would have ever thought that he possessed.

Kindness: 5
Sociability: 3
Neatness: 0
Intelligence: 3
Courage: 4
Virtue: 1
Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Strategy: 1
Magical capability: 0
Defense: 2
Accuracy: 3
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Kyrylo Airan
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