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 Princess D'Lanna Belle

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PostSubject: Princess D'Lanna Belle   Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:42 pm

Username: Winndy

Name: D'lanna Belle

Nickname: Has gone by either Anna or Belle in the past

Age: A little over one-hundred, but appears to be more in her mid-teens

Race: Twilight Elf

Gender: Female

Bio: She is the princess of the very secretive Twilight Elven folk; seldom seen, yet when they are, are often mistaken for their crueler cousins to the north, more towards Spear's Head Point and the Yawnzey Coast, when however, the Twilight Elves are truly kind and gentle beings.
D'lanna was never a spoiled girl, despite being an only child an living in luxuries that only those of royalty have. The princess was born naturally even more kind and caring than is average for most of the Twilight Elves, and thus easily has become a well-loved subject of her people.
Generally, she hasn't led a life that held anything of the sort that was surprising or mysterious, much less adventurous. D'lanna merely grew up and learned of her duties when she too would some day become Queen. An event that did often excite her though was when there would be a squire (or squires) who have been of great service and would be honored with the title of knighthood; always, once each was proclaimed a knight, would they receive a kiss upon their brow from D'lanna as a sign of gratitude of overcoming such hard ships and for more to come.
She was happy and content with her life, wishing nothing more than she had, until one morning, she had woken up in a bed that was unfamiliar, a room not her own; it took her no time at all to realize she had been kidnapped. What did take her a little time though was to find where she was. She was taken to the capital of Sakreh, Sasmaleaham, thousands of miles away from home.
D'lanna has no idea who had taken her or why, but she only knows she wishes to return home immediately. No matter how much she begs and pleads, no one listens or confides to her wishes in the slightest. Nowadays, she mostly sits in her room, looking out the window; she has tried to escape or at least send a message out, but with the prior they have always failed and with the latter, she has never been sure if anyone has gotten her messages.

Personality: Before, D'lanna was remarked upon for her overwhelming kindness, even though much of the time she is a calm, quiet and collected young woman. Always has the elven princess been the type to put all others before herself.
Now, after a number of days being held as a guest in Sakreh, she still has the general kind mood, but she has grown a bit cold, mainly being unresponsive unless her opinion is truly needed or will be heard, and always when the opportunity presents itself.

Appearance: Fairly tall (5'7''-5'8''), a little slender but also with slight curves to her build. Her skin is much lighter than others of her kind, with that of an ashen tinge with a touch of periwinkle.
D'lanna's hair is long and fair that is a sort of light butter color, with her face nearly too round or sharply angled that are set with soft garnet eyes.
She is most often considered to be most lovely, like a delicate flower, and wears rather simple (almost crude for a princess) dresses and always moves in careful and composed manner.

Abilities: Her calm and kind demeanor seems to well off her and affect others; she has a gift for calming even the most raging and hateful individuals with but a smile or only a few soft and kind words, even when it was thought of as impossible. Her singing has been said in poetic terms to be like that or an angel's, or to be a bit more darkly, a seductress, for it has such a hypnotic quality to it. Finally, a genetic gift within the royal family is that of greater stamina that too has been passed to D'lanna; she can endure more physical burdens than even the most well-trained scout or ranger, and it has never been heard of for any royal family member to have greatly suffered from any sickness or poison.

Weakness: Just like others of her kind, no magic of any kind comes to her at all, and has no skills to speak of in any of the fighting arts, thus has not even a hope of a defense against magic or even just a fist fight. Worse yet, the royal family suffers from the "magic allergy" that is common with the Twilight Elves more so than others, having slipped in and out of consciousness with even when only mild uses of magic have been preformed around her. Some may even consider her deep kindness a bit of weakness, given how she cannot even harm a mosquito, much less something or someone about to attack her; most likely, she'd make demands of those around her only wishing to protect her to bring no harm to anyone, that is, while she is with them and able to hear and see it all.

Other: As well as having a heavenly singing voice, she can play a variety of musical instruments quite well also.

Kindness: 10
Sociability: 5
Neatness: 5
Intelligence: 4
Courage: 1
Virtue: 5
Strength: 0
Agility: 0
Strategy: 0
Magical capability: 0
Defense: 0
Accuracy: 0
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Princess D'Lanna Belle
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