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 Lord Ramieth

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PostSubject: Lord Ramieth   Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:43 pm

Username: Winndy

Name: Ramieth

Nickname: My Lord, Lordship, and if called any name other than his own or one of his "official" titles that is even mildly offensive to him, they are put to a slow, painful death.

Age: 20

Race: Demonfolk

Gender: Male

Bio: There are many stories that circle the ominous dark lord, and no one is sure which is true or that which is simple a rumor. One that is popular is that he was one of the Angels that had gone truly bad, even more so than the Fallen. Another is that he was formed from the evil shrouding in the heart's of various people personified, and come to take vengeance upon Amarynth. Neither of these two are the truth.

In all honesty, no one is all quite sure what the truth is, even though the real story has circled around to some ears, and yet it is the story with the most disbelief.

The real story is that Ramieth was born to parents of one of the crueler and more darkened races of Amarynth, living in the Unknown Territory south of the Arrow Swamps, at the foot of some of the unnamed mountains there. Unsurprisingly, his parents were vicious and cruel beings, already giving their very young son grief and torment, but that was common for such beings as them. It wasn't long until both of his parent's deaths came to them, his father's brought down by his mother, and Ramieth himself killing her, even consuming her own heart.

Once that deed was finished, he traveled, looking for ways to empower himself, through artifacts, mythical sacrifices, anything. For a while, he was an unknown, minor threat, until just a few years ago, when he suddenly appeared in Tyree with hordes of terrible monsters as an army and with powers so terrible, the people thought that truly Armageddon was upon them. It took no time at all for Ramieth to take control of the edges of Tyree, from Gollianth's Claw Point, up to Arixis Port, and even edged his rule up northwards, taking control of Mounticera and setting his great castle at the foot of it and the edge of the Shadow Lands.

He has only ruled for a few years, but it has already shown that his hold over as much land as he does is unshakable. Ramieth too is slowly making sure to spread his rule, his motivation to ultimately take as much control of Amarynth as possible. Without, of course, getting on the bad side of too many of the Fallen.

Personality: Usually, whenever Ramieth meets with most anyone, he puts on surprisingly a sociable and warm approach where one asks "is this really the man who is known to be so cruel and unjust? Did he really take over so much without any dignity?" the truth is, of course, yes.

Ramieth is, in all sense of the words, cruel, unjust, uncaring and has been known to be as evil as some of the Fallen, while his methods are of a different flair than them.

He likes playing as the deceiver, the trickster, seeming to be the guy whom you can put your heart into, and he'll just carefully take it and crush it in his hand before grinding it into the ground, all with a too intelligent and seemingly kind smile on his face.

Appearance: Easily Ramieth is one of the most desirable individuals a person could meet, and he knows it, yet oddly, doesn't throw the fact around that much. He seems to prefer acting a little oblivious to how much most anyone could lust after them; however he does lure them in a bit before shattering them, mind, body and soul.

He is rather tall, easily standing at 6'2'' without counting his horns, with his infamously long ebony hair falling around him like some terrible mantle. He has skin like a pearl with a peachy tinge to it without any traces of any skin disorder whatsoever and often clothes himself in darkly colored robes that have some elaborate patterns stitches into the fabric with some jewel drop hanging off of the cuffs and edges. He has a fine face, neither too round or too sharp, a fine medium between the two. He has slanted eyes that are color of freshly spilled blood with peculiar curved black markings under his eyes. Delicately pointed ears knife out from his hair while straight, protruding horns jut out from just above the ears.

(Picture(s) will be up ASAP)

Abilities: No one is sure how he got so much power at such a young age, but the fact is that he has it. Aside from his rule, the other thing he is most infamous for, or it is what he is most infamous for, is just how much magical ability he has at his beck and call. No magic seems to pose any kind of real challenge to him.

Weakness: What no one knows though is that Ramieth's power comes at a terrible cost that most any sane individual would shudder at the thought of having to pay such a price. Indeed Ramieth is powerful, but to keep that power under control, he has to consume a soul (or many) or a pretty daily basis. He honestly could have had all the power he has now... if he waited just about a century or two. Of course, he had youthful impatience, wanted, needed, the power now. He striked a deal with some unknown creature. They gave him his greatest desire (all the power he could want at his finger tips) in exchange for his soul, and forgetting to tell young Ramieth that he would have to exchange many, many more for the rest of his existence.

It's pretty easy to tell when Ramieth's powers having taken their toll on him: he ages, even if ever so slightly. It can be as mere as a strand of gray, or some wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, but the fact is that it's there until he consumes a soul. He he uses up too much of his power in one go as well, he'll have to have a number of souls immediately at his disposal afterwards. Even if he doesn't use any magic in a week (which is very unlikely) he'll have to have a soul regardless, for his own power will tear him inside-out if he doesn't.
Other: He oddly has the knowledge of many, many years for his young age, getting it both from his traveling and from reading; when not doing any mentionable evils or cruelties, he simply sits in his private quarters and spends all that time reading the day away. He would probably be one of the most knowledgeable people to be known today, but would he ever share that knowledge? Or course not.

-You have thirty points and thirty points only. Fill out these carefully
Kindness: -10 (Just to really note, yeah, he's a dick. XD)
Sociability: 4
Neatness: 2
Intelligence: 5
Courage: 1
Virtue: 0
Strength: 0
Agility: 0
Strategy: 3
Magical capability: 12
Defense: 0
Accuracy: 3
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Lord Ramieth
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