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 The Fallen

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PostSubject: The Fallen   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:03 pm

+ Not much can be said about this group. Legends say they are the fallen angels of heaven, hence their name, but most nowadays merely think of them as beings of incredible power. They are feared and it is wise to avoid the few that exist at all costs. Something that does tend to be overlooked is that despite their appearance they are all of relation. Their ages are also recorded as to when they fell from the heavens and not actually when they were created.

-------≈ Olani: The youngest of the fallen in both appearance and age. Her magic does not rest in darkness as most would think (with the fact that her and her siblings are referred to as evil beings) but actually weather and their connection to the water, wind, and fire elements. Her personality is noted as childish, hyper, and vile. She would enjoy her cruel acts as if they were nothing but games.

-----------≈ Ariona: The most known out of her little family. She is perhaps the cruelest of them all. She is a master of manipulation and mental torture. Once she gains control of a victim she keeps the control until their very end, if she wills their death. She does not like to bring death to those she sees worthless to her but instead destroys any mental stability they possess and forces them to carry out their lives in that state. Personality wise to those she meet can seem harmless and possibly kind-hearted.

---------------† Memyra: The eldest, strongest, and least known; she is the only one that possesses the essence of dark magic. She is able to summon shadows and they serve her willingly as well as the general dark magics. However, very little is known of her due to the fact that she disconnects herself from most. She is only ever seen in the Shadow Lands or when one of the other fallens force her to go with them to a certain place. The only other thing that is known of her is that when she does appear tragedy and chaos is sure to follow.

------≈ Vereon: Possibly the weakest of the bunch. He acts irrationally constantly and tends to be a full-fledged coward. But that does not mean he still cannot put up a good fight. His magic falls under shape-shifting, speed, and agility. Due to his cowardice he is able to learn how to stop an enemy from attacking so he could cheat his way through the fight. It is unclear whether he commits acts of true evil however.

-----------≈ Kakomi: Often referred to as the leader and a pure monster. He likes to make things complicated and put his victims through just about any trail thought of. He is also an exact twin of Vereon in both appearance and magic. Not much else is known.

------≈ Arnon: The second youngest and a lover of war. He enjoys the idea of senseless death over simple problems and would instigate most wars over Amarynth because of it. His magical abilities rested in the bending of reality. He could open and close portals/gateways leading through the other worlds. However, he was slaughtered seven years back. His death was unclear at first but now it is know to have been cause by an act of rage by Memyra over a particular incident that had happened the day before.
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The Fallen
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