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 Feredir Bandorion

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PostSubject: Feredir Bandorion   Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:44 pm

Username: Winndy

Name: Feredir Bandorion (pronounced: fair-eh-dear, bahn-dore-ee-on)

Nickname: Simply referred by his first name, Feredir

Age: Forty, however looks to be in his late teens

Race: Hybrid (elf and selkie)

Gender: Male

Bio: Truthfully, one cannot find or discover much about this peculiar traveling bard, for he does not reveal much of himself, and even to those who they believe have won his friendship and trust, Feredir only gives bits and snippets of his life.

He does acknowledge his heritage, not making any denials that he is a half-breed (for how can he not?), and obviously an elven and selkie one at that (the latter is made obvious for the fact that he has some slight webbing between his fingers and toes, and though his skin is mostly a normal color, around the edges and most especially on his back, shoulders and knees it's a light gray color with darker gray spots, and finally he oft complains of being unsure whether he should be on land or in the sea). As to whom exactly his parents are, he says nothing of his father, and claims either or both his mother was a well known elven singer, as well as that he's an orphan; if one mentions of some of his contradicting statements, he quickly turns it around, confusing the person of whether he DID contradict himself, or did they only THINK he did.

In regards to his mother being a singer, it certainly would make sense due to his own talent in singing and playing a variety of musical instruments as well, leading to his main (and more honest) lifestyle as a wandering bard. He has a number of other, less honest, skills however. One being, taken from his father's side, is how persuasive and socially suave he is; and, even though some of the most heterosexual men won't admit it, they have to admit that he DOES have some pretty handsome features, which he puts into his own good use of pursuing his 'conquests'. In short, he's a womanizer, and a rather grand one at that, giving (true) claim that he can seduce just about any woman. He even having once bragged about bedding some princess or another, but whether that is true is anyone's guess, but there were demands on SOMEONE'S head for a while for a similar incident. Although, in some sparse cases, he has had to instead bed a man. Feredir says he prefers woman, but isn't afraid to do what needs to be done if it gets him closer to whatever is his current desire or goal.

There are not many people who can inform you of some of his talents (for Feredir won't say of them himself), but there have been some people with more than a few coin to spare who have heard through the grape vine that Feredir has a skill for murder, but making it look much like an accident, or putting evidence that points to his contractor's enemies. No one is sure of where a bard could have acquired such skills, but those who have hired him don't question it, bother to ask or even wonder about; for them, they just want the job done.

Personality: Simply put, Feredir can be anyone's best friend... unless someone better comes along or he no longer calls them a 'friend' for one reason or another; there have even been instances of him stabbing his 'friend' in the back, however they would be blissfully unaware of what a malicious deed he has done, and both would continue on with their lives, the late 'friend' only realizing what has truly occurred once Feredir is long gone.

He's quite charming and likable, and even if mere words and a smile can't get the appropriate reaction, his music and song can. Being quite flirtatious as well, Feredir is throwing compliments to anyone and everyone like how one throws rice or flowers at a wedding. As well, he isn't at all real picky about WHO will be his next, so-called conquest. That older woman? Sure. The man who already has a wife and five children? Why not? Perhaps what can be viewed as disturbing is how people readily accept such compliments, and even flirt back with the bard, regardless of their orientation and what kind of romantic relationship they have and even how old or young they are. Then once Feredir goes on his way, do the people begin to wonder just WHY they did something as such, feeling guilty or letting it go.

However, even though normally Feredir is quite happy much of the time, carefree and easy going, his mood can be thrown down towards sadness, even depression if treated especially horrible about his heritage. And despite how easy it is for him to get people to open up to him, it is not the same with him. If asked to reveal more on himself, he'll just smile, and change the topic to something he's more comfortable, but if pressed more, he gets a solemn expression, then simply turns and walks away, or if they're bringing up a question on something of his life that who (unwittingly) is asking of, he'll get angry, shout and demand to leave him be, and if they do not, forcibly make them leave or stomp off himself.

Despite too how many lovers he's had, of various races and of both sexes, he's never really experienced "love", nor has he ever had what most think of a genuine friendship. He tends not to dwell on such things, but if someone were to discover this about him, and egg him about it, they might possibly see a different side to the 'cheerful and flirty minstrel'.

Appearance: Feredir stands at about 5'8'' or 5'9'', with a slender but strong build. His hair is a dark gray that is more wavy than curly, reaching a little past his shoulders, with finely pointed ears knifing through the locks. His skin appears rather normal, sort of peachy with a creamy yellow tinge; but as said, his back, shoulders and knees turn to a more light gray color with dark gray spots. But he is noticeable pale despite how often he's on the road. His face is oval shaped with some angles and has been described as the epitome of masculine handsomeness. His eyes are the color of a tropical sea, warm and vibrant, while there is a tattoo around his left eye of two curling lines, the inner one smaller, and three small circles underneath his eye. His voice has a melodious quality, but that is a given, what is curious though is the accent attached to it. It's a little thick, but not so much as that his speech isn't understandable to all whom he comes across; if he were to encounter anyone from Earth, they would know straight away that it sounds rather Spanish.

What makes one immediately drawn to him though is his attire, as wonderfully colored and beautiful as his eyes, the rainbow of the tropics, with all sorts of trinkets with the bulk being silver, or of charms in the shapes of tropical fish and butterflies. His boots go to the knee and are of fine make and quality leather. He wears a capelet, too with some dangling charms and jewelry, whilst wearing a tunic, long-sleeved and slightly puffy shirt underneath and neither too tight or too loose pants.

Carrying with him are variety of tools of his trade, as well as others. He has a small, beautifully crafted harp that serves as his main instrument, a set of pan flutes, an ocarina, and a small drum are his more minor ones. He has with him too a sack that is filled with all the necessary items for traveling, such as cookware, a blanket that is quite warm but can be packed quite small, various plants, a compass, and others. His two weapons of choice are using a knife and one that qualifies as either a very long knife or a rather short sword, both too are of good quality.

(Picture(s) will be up ASAP)

Abilities: As said, he has a variety of skills, but what he is especially good at is music and song, claimed to even make the dreaded Lord Ramieth weep, if he was given the chance to preform for the demon lord. Secondly are his social skills, being able to garner information, a drink, a bed (and perhaps a lover too) with ease that could make even an incubus sigh with envy. Then lastly, while he is quite a competent fighter, what gives him the real edge in battle are his abilities to make the deadliest of poisons and toxins. He makes as such as often as he needs to, and coats his weapons with them, even able to make it so that the weapons just seem more shiny and decorative when the reality isn't so just.

Weakness: Despite his sociability, it's hard to be social with Feredir when the topic is of the bard and his life and experiences. Him being uncomfortable and awkward is made quite clear, he stumbles over his words and he obviously just wants to leave and be left alone for a bit; for those who are naturally weary and cautious would likely get the sense of seeing him as untrustworthy, and if they have the right contacts or can talk to the right people, might be able to learn a truth or two of the bard, and that could put him into a very prickly situation.

The other great weakness would be his heritage. He, naturally, tends to avoid areas, cities and towns that are more prone to prejudice than others, but even so, he does encounter such people who criticize him from time to time. He can handle it when it is one or two persons, but if it escalates to more, he gets even more nervous than when probed about his life, and one can actually see fear come into his eyes; more than once has he been chased out of town, rocks and and bottles thrown at him as he went, the townspeople banning him from coming to their city, all for him simply just admitting quite truthfully that he is elven and selkie. It is after experiencing such torments that Feredir is the most vulnerable, being more than a bit out of sorts with only getting away and getting to safety being his agenda until he can calm down and compose himself once more.

Other: When one looks upon Feredir, sees all the trinkets and nice clothes he has, and know that he is of no noble line whatsoever, the question to ask is: so, how DID he get such items? The truth being, some he acquired by trading coin and song (and maybe body) for a charm, or a shirt, or whatever it was that caught his attention. Others he stole, and some he got in perhaps more... questionably disturbing ways. In any case, he's always adding to his appearance, looking more and more bright, colorful... and ridiculous. Still, that's what he likes.

While normally there are no issues that qualm with his own beliefs, for it seems he scarce has any in the first place; one would think something like hearing of an entire clan of elves being wiped out would phase him, it doesn't. What does bother him is hearing or seeing those who mistreat the environment, pertaining especially to the seas and forests, and is as such one gets the rare occasion to witness Feredir's brow furrowed and a fire whipping up in his eyes. He will outright refuse to speak with those who comply, or preform, such deeds, or worse still, go out of his way to make such people's lives miserable, even horrific.

-You have thirty points and thirty points only. Fill out these carefully
Kindness: 1
Sociability: 5
Neatness: 4
Intelligence: 3
Courage: 1
Virtue: 0
Strength: 1
Agility: 5
Strategy: 1
Magical capability: 4
Defense: 2
Accuracy: 3
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Feredir Bandorion
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