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 Information on Ient

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PostSubject: Information on Ient   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:19 am

† Ient:

----Long ago though, the people of Ient and the Dark Elves were not aligned with one another, or even good neighbors. No, there was actual a small scale war between the both of them for the port city. There are not many records for the war, since once peace was formed the people had the records detailing with their strife burned or conveniently lost. In any case however, those of Ient the Dark Elves share Arzlic equally, neither one claiming that it is there's more. As well, over the years Ient has sent help for the Dark Elves small battles against their mysterious foes, the Twilight Elves, and yet always, they have failed but without any real severe casualties, oddly.


John 3:16-Gefallen[Story]-Ratiocination
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Information on Ient
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