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 The Angels

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PostSubject: The Angels   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:05 pm

+ Angels are beings that are the closest to the god of Amarynth. They carry out virtues and keep the peace between the worlds. But as centuries have passed the beings are vanishing and dying. Now only few actually remain and little belief of their existence is carried out. They are no more then folk lore and tales told to children as the lay drowsily in bed.

-------† Sphera: A masquerader. She often roams the lands with her wings hidden and her appearance altered. Her most common look is that of a fox thief. She mainly resides in Seraree and takes things seriously, unlike her counterpart. She has a tendency to help those around her without even their knowledge.

-----------† Cordanell: Not very much is known except that he is gentle and humorous with those he meets. He is also known for opening all gateways to earth during earth's darkest wars in attempt to save innocent lives. On the most part it had been a success.

-------† Melvin: Like Sphera he takes things seriously and rarely jokes or goofs off. He too will hide just what he is but unlike the other angel he will only hide his wings and not his entire appearance.
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The Angels
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