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 Vincent Valeaté

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PostSubject: Vincent Valeaté   Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:58 am

Username: Winndy

Name: Vincent Valeaté

Nickname: None

Age: He doesn't know exactly, but is for sure he's over three-hundred at least

Gender: Male

Country of Origin: The City of Iris, in the country of Aalashfin, the world of Clercia

Time Period: (Equivalent to Earth's late 1930's)

Bio: Vincent life story is a strange, horrific and at times a terribly depressing tale. He was born in a village so small and humble as to not even have a name, or even some figure head ruling over it, it simply was a peaceful cluster of people living together making a quiet but happy existence for themselves. For the most part, no one in the village ever dreamed of anything bigger than getting married, having a family and doing their part for the teeny village; in this case, Vincent was very much the black sheep. From since he was a child he dreamed of going out to explore the world, earn a place somewhere and make his fortune. Of course, he also dreamed of the simple goal of getting married and having children. When he wasn't even twenty, he packed himself tools and supplies and went out to fulfill part of his dream.

He went far and wide across the lands of Clercia, finding many strange wonders and shuddering terrors, as well lost treasures and forgotten artifacts worth a great fortune. At one point however, traveling across a mountain range and seeking shelter, he found a cave to escape from the blizzard, only to be attacked by something that could only be described as man gone as mad as a rabid dog, and in self defense Vincent killed the person. Eventually making his way onward, he was fortunate enough to stumble upon a village and be taken to the healer, since he had grown awful sick. They all thought it was a bad case of the flu, or something worse caught from being out in the freezing cold. For three days and three nights, Vincent could only lay suffering from fevers and shivers and truly vivid nightmares with no hope of recovering. Interestingly, on the fourth morning, the sickness had ebbed away for the most part, but that was when he discovered the true horror of his illness. It was just a little later that Vincent would discover that he had been afflicted with vampirism, and had made the full transformation.

At first, he considered committing suicide, for on Clercia, anything turned to a vampire from that terrible disease couldn't be thought of as anything of a person even by the lowest standards; to most whom it concerns, the vile retches were filthier than near most any other kind of vermin. However, Vincent's hand was stayed from committing the act, remembering of what he wanted to do with his life. He realized of course he couldn't ever have the family he dreamed of, but he still had a shot at getting his fortune and making something of himself to the world. For the next two centuries that was all Vincent did till he just about explored every nook and cranny and every hole in the wall of the world, and finding even more wealth than he ever dreamed possible of having.

He soon came back to the village of his birth, which had by now evolved into a decent town, and settled down. He bought the grandest house, a great mansion and the title of Count (he prefers being called 'Lord' instead, however) and using his vast wealth to improve the town, transforming it in a mere few decades into the City of Iris, the most famous city of the country of Aalashfin and well known all around Clercia. Vincent became the Lord over the city (having renovated his mansion to a castle by now as well), and most knew him to be just and fair, even kindly, however if a bit tad eccentric and even mysterious, for no knows who (or what) he is, where he came from (ironically) and why he did all the things he has done.

Over the years as well, humans became a race that was considered inferior to the magical beings of Clercia (and with vampiric humans, even more so), and Vincent became head of a secret organization for the survival of the human race, the Sympathizers as they were called. There were many events that happened in this part of his life regarding as such, and came to a fateful evening when he found himself in the world of Amarynth. The instance should have been one that would have stuck in his memory, but it hasn't completely.

He sought death again, more than before, but wasn't granted it, and as he had done much of his life, he endured, and went on. He eventually found the country of Kessir and the capital Kaylyn. For decades the country had no ruler, and when Vincent stepped up, no one turned him down but rather readily granted him the position. For a while, he had a living as yet again a Lord for a grand city, but when the cruel demon Lord Ramieth came with his vast armies and terrible powers against a rather lone country defenseless against it, Vincent had no options. Most believed him to be dead (and he wishes he was), but he survived and escaped with the help of his aide. Vincent now sure what he wants most, to go back to Clercia, or to bloody die already, although the latter has been a temptation to him since the day of his discovery of him being a vampire.

Personality: Vincent is a calm but surprisingly fun and joyous elderly man, but does have an eccentric and mysterious air about him, and sometimes one does wonder if he's really so old or if it's a farce. The truth is, Vincent has gotten to the point in life where nothing matters to him any more. He likes to have fun, tease people (especially likes to give his aide a hard time) and see the smiling faces of people, but even threats of torture and a gun pointed to his head could barely muster a blink and a yawn from him. He's literally a man who has seen everything of the world (or at least one anyway) and he wants to move onto the next step. He usually doesn't go directly into harm's way, but at times he does seek it, both to get his life done and over with, and on a bit of a sadistic side does love to see the people squirm when he insults a temperamental individual with gun pointed at him.

Appearance: Surprisingly, Vincent looks pretty damned good considering his age and just how long he's had to fight and fare with his torturous disease. Still it is clear that the poor man has seen better days long past. He stands at 5'10, and before on Clercia would wear clothing that seemed unfitting for someone of his stature and fortune, but now these days it doesn't matter as long as it's comfortable and they cover him up. Even if he has fed recently, he still has a remarkably pale complexion, and becomes frighteningly stark white when he hasn't. He has long hair (usually tied back in a ponytail), at least four inches past the shoulders that's a medium brown but with many strands of white, gray and silver throughout it. Despite his age, and the wrinkles that come with it, it isn't hard to see for even someone not aware of such things that he was most likely quite handsome in his youth. Besides his pale skin, the only two features that would give him away as a vampire (at least on Clercia it would) would be his pink eyes (much like that of an albino rat) and the elongated and pointed canines.

Weakness: On Clercia, vampirism was something much more different than the legends make it to be on Earth and what it's like on Amarynth. Normally portrayed as vicious and cruel beings with supernatural powers at their command with severe, but few weaknesses, the same cannot be said of the vampires of Clercia. Vampirism is a very fatal disease, at first very rare but has become alarmingly common over the centuries on Clercia. Stemming from being bitten from a vampire. It starts out as something much like the flu, and in this stage, is actually curable if one knows what is it, and unfortunately most do note until it is too late. The transformation to a vampire takes a full three and three nights, however some victims have known to die before making the full transformation, which most view as a sign of mercy or them being very lucky. When a full vampire, there is no glamor to be found in it. The vampire has a deadly and violent addiction to blood, even though it is not needed for them to survive. If they feed regularly, they can keep control of themselves, but even going just a few days off makes them go mad all too fast, often killing and draining the first person (first few people) that they come across when "hungry". Just as other vampires, they too have a deadly weakness to sunlight, burning and frying out even if only in contact with it for a couple of minutes. Over the course of their life time, the person will always be sickly, yet oddly being rarely affected by "lesser" illnesses. Instead though, ever now and then they suffer terribly from all sorts of pains and problems with the body, most notably being an inability to breathe, coughing up blood, and extreme aches and pains all over. The strangest part perhaps of the disease is that it extends (or really shortens) the person's lifespan to three hundred years, sometimes unfortunately it goes to four hundred, and once at that point, the disease overwhelms the body, killing them. And them having supernatural power? Not even in the slightest. The only thing perhaps could be some very slight enhanced senses, but only most noticeable when they are in need of blood. Some would say that the extended or shorten lifespan too is something rather supernatural, but most have called it as adding onto the ultimate form of torture. All of this Vincent has had, and been suffering with, for most of his life.

-You have thirty points and thirty points only. Fill out these carefully
Kindness: 4
Sociability: 5
Neatness: 4
Intelligence: 5
Courage: 5
Virtue: 3
Strength: 0
Agility: 1
Strategy: 3
Magical capability: 0
Defense: 0
Accuracy: 0
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Vincent Valeaté
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