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 Fel (Anicetus Dalibor)

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PostSubject: Fel (Anicetus Dalibor)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:51 pm

Username: Mikki Phoenix
Name: Fel
Nickname: How much shorter can you get?
Age: He looks to be about 19, but he is around 60 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Shape Shifter
Well, to start at the very start of Fel's existence even as a thought in his parents' minds, it all started on a drizzly day. Okay, so not the most romantic setting ever. Too bad. Deal with it. His mother, Anila, was walking in the forest. She was a beautiful girl, shining with dark blue hair and golden eyes. She was graceful and obviously loved the wetness upon her skin. She was wearing little to nothing, just a thin white dress that swirled around her mid-thighs at the lowest point. Needless to say, she was quite bare as the water soaked through the fabric and made it see-through.

Fel's father, Anicetus, was walking through the forest as well, hunting game for his sickly mother and father. He too was a beautiful person, as were all shape-shifters who chose to be. He had thick red locks and green eyes, and a manly body. He burst into the forest, chasing a rabbit he had found. True, he could have shifted into another animal and caught it easily, but he enjoyed feeling the limitations of the human body and feeling himself overcome them.

He was a little brainless whenever he was focusing on one thing, and he literally crashed into Anila, causing both of them to tumble to the forest floor. Anila blushed gently, but she wasn't really embarrassed at the position she found herself in. Who would be with a handsome man atop them? Listening to her body's urges, she reached for the man and kissed him carefully. Anicetus was very flustered and for a minute didn't know what to do. He thought he had run into a dryad, but as he looked at her, he slowly realized that the aura around her was that of a shape shifter. He returned the sweet kiss.

Well, 'things' followed quickly in that forest clearing full of soft grass. By the next morning, the two lovers were quite satisfied with themselves, as they had tried out many positions in many forms. They chatted for a while that morning, learning about each other. They slowly realized that in the throes of passion, they had made a connection and they really, truly did love one another. It was fate that they had met on that day, for they were meant to be. Anicetus proposed taking Anila home with him and she agreed.

Anicetus proposed to be her mate. She accepted heartily and they were soon living in their own dwelling. A few weeks after that, Anila realized that she was pregnant from the night that had started it all. She was overjoyed. She rushed to tell Anicetus and together they prepared a room for their awaiting child. The months passed and Anila grew bigger, bigger than anyone expected. Finally, the day came, and Anila delivered two beautiful baby boys.

Fel was originally born Anicetus Dalibor the Second (he changed his name later, but I will still refer to him as Fel). His brother was born as Havilah Dalibor. Together, they started to create mischief as they saw animals and learned how to shift, a skill generally taught at four years of age. They started when they were three. They helped each other with lessons somehow, even when they weren't communicating all that well. Fel learned that the animal he identified with was an Eurasian lynx (lynx lynx), and often he went around as a lynx cub. His brother identified as a bobcat (lynx rufus). It was curious, because they were both in the lynx family, though siblings tended to have different preferences even if they were twins. In any case, they grew up with nearly identical ways of life and personalities. They were both friendly, cheerful, and ambitious.

Unfortunately (you knew it was coming), whenever Havilah was in his teen years, he started to change for the worse. Slowly, his entire personality shifted to a darker, more evil setting. Fel was still bright and cheerful. Rumors began, mentioning that whenever twins were born, eventually one would become the evil twin and one the good. It was meant to be. It seemed, at least in the case of the Dalibor brothers, to be true. It frightened Fel, but he continued to cling to his brother and his brother would only talk to Fel.

Scared of their son, Fel's parents sent Havilah away to a different country. It tore Fel's heart apart, but he managed to keep himself together. He received letters nearly every week from his brother and he diligently wrote back. He learned over time that Havilah tried to kill himself many times, and he was only saved by the thoughts of what Fel's face would look like if he learned that his twin was dead. One letter too many, Fel couldn't ignore his brother anymore. He ran away from his home to find Havilah.

He journeyed to very random places, as he didn't have a good sense of direction. He saw many strange and exotic creatures, which he practiced shifting into while he was on the search for his brother. Eventually, about three years later, he came to where his brother was being held. He entered the practically empty citadel and the door closed dramatically behind him. He was urged forward and he found Havilah... he had changed so much. He sat upon a throne, with an aura pulsing black. It scared Fel, whose aura was pure white. Havilah captured his brother and shoved him in a cage, saying that Fel had escaped from him a long time ago and that he would never let that happen again. Havilah explained that he could NOT be without his brother, so he was going to cage his brother for the rest of their lives. To say the least, Fel was frightened.

One night, whenever Havilah had taken off the anti-shape shifting cuffs from Fel's feet, he shifted into a mouse and snuck out of the cage. He scampered for the windows and as a caterpillar, slipped out of the open window. He took to the skies as a falcon, using the swift air currents to escape from the hell hole his brother had created. He knew that he would have to go back eventually, to defeat the evil within his brother's breast. He just didn't know how or when he could do it.

He lent himself out as a tour guide for a while, learning about the mysterious creatures he saw as he went into dangerous places with bold travelers. Then he found himself a shape shifting master and learned the secret parts about shape shifting. Still, he was not pleased with his skill. He needed to defeat the evil in his brother, but he needed to save his brother's life at the same time.

He started to learn white magic and studied it for nearly twenty years. He went back to his brother's abode, and he was nearly captured again. He did not defeat his brother, but was equally matched. Havilah explained that whenever Fel became stronger, he did too. With despair, Fel fled the citadel and went back to his parents, who shunned him for leaving them. They gave him a little money and sent him on his way, never to return. He understood that they wanted nothing to do with them and in response, he changed his name so that he would not disrespect his father anymore. After that, Fel was quite lost at what to do. He couldn't become stronger, because his brother would also become stronger.

Finally, he decided to become a player, and has been performing ever since, trying to escape his dark fears by playing lively characters.

Personality: Fel is a happy, upbeat individual who always seems to have a grin on his face. He doesn't like to be sad, because he starts to think about his family again, which is not a good thing to do. While he seems like a merry idiot, he is actually quite intelligent, though he does not act it. He doesn't have brain smarts, to say, but he does have an immense quantity of common sense. He has no sense of direction, though, which can hamper him and leave him stranded in the wilderness for months at a time. Other than that, he just tries to maintain a carefree, nonchalant appearance. He has gotten very good at wearing a facade over his true, turmoiled feelings. He is a good person all in all. He wants to make friends and be happy.

Good question. Being a shape shifter, he changes it quite a bit. The form that he favors, though, happens to be a dusky toned elf of some sort with a violet eye and a blue eye. His hair is generally darker colors, such as dark blues, purples, or blacks. He stands at about five foot eleven, but he will change it if he feels too tall or too short. He keeps himself on the lean side. He wears comfortable clothing, generally also darker. He likes to wear a ton of jewelry. Other than that, it'll be described in the post.

Abilities: Fel is good at shape shifting, anatomy, and acting. He also enjoys sleeping, eating, and running. He is great at getting lost, but he always manages to find his way back. He is good at panicking whenever something is brought up about his brother. He is great at hiding his true feelings. He is wonderful at making people feel better about their day.

Weakness: Fel is not so good at keeping his mouth shut, listening, or not getting lost. He explores too much, but he often forgets where he is or what he is going. He often shifts more than he eats, causing him to binge whenever he does get to a place with food. It immediately sets him aside as someone the other people don't want to know. He is often too happy and loses friends for thinking that he is too fake. He will get emotional if something is brought up about his brother.

Other: Havilah is free to play by anyone else! You can always give him a nickname if you don't feel like typing out Havilah. =D

Kindness: 4
Sociability: 4
Neatness: 1
Intelligence: 4
Courage: 1
Virtue: 4
Strength: 2
Agility: 4
Strategy: 0
Magical capability: 4
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1

You're trying to kidnap what I've rightfully stolen.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikki <333
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Fel (Anicetus Dalibor)
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