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 Aidan Lynn Le'shua

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PostSubject: Aidan Lynn Le'shua   Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:27 am

Username: Mikki
Name: Aidan Lynn Le'shua
Nickname: None... YET. >3
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Water elemental/Phoenix
Long ago, or not so long ago depending on who you are and how you regard time, there was a phoenix who traversed the skies with ease. He often set the clouds on fire and made grand displays of his wonderful, fiery gifts. He longed to bring joy to those around him and he strived to perform his best to impress the people of the planet. He woke up every morning at dawn, sang a beautiful greeting to the sun, and helped it fly across the sky. He would return to his roost within a smoldering volcano every evening as the sun touched the horizon, calling a bittersweet farewell to the glowing orb until the next morning.

The phoenix did this for many years and people began to depend upon him for waking them up whenever they had to milk the cows or do other farm work. They loved his punctuality. They really loved him, for his songs were beautiful and sweet. His flights were glorious in their flaming pattern. He was intelligent and did not damage the farms around him. They all lived in harmony.

Some envied the majestic bird, and wanted him for themselves. Many times he was attacked, but he was sly enough to evade their nets and dodge their hooks. He did not take their bait but avoided the areas where he was endangered. Finally, the nasty men realized that they would have to go to the volcano to catch him. They crept up to his nest at night and watched as the bird slumbered. With iron nets, they caught him and dragged him down to the lair. He was distressed, but as night was not his forte, he could not cry for help.

Down in their nasty dungeon, the phoenix felt the sun rise again through the stone walls. He sang sorrowfully while the bandits were out stealing things and causing chaos. He sang and sang, and did not fail for even one breath. Somehow, a young girl found her way to him. She had been kidnapped by the bandits and was curious about the beautiful bird who sang with so much grief. She comforted him and cuddled him, though it burned her to do so. He cried and used his fiery magic to heal her wounds. He crafted a difficult spell and surrounded her with his warmth. When he was completed, he was spent, but the girl no long burned whenever she touched him or any phoenix thereafter. He died in her arms, his magic depleted and his body far from the sun. He burned up and in the girl's no-longer-scarred arms, she held a small baby bird within the palm of her hand.

The girl understood what she had to do and she escaped from the dungeon, keeping the chick warm against her breast. She managed to make it into daylight, where the chick spread its sparsely covered wings to the sun, peeping cutely. The girl raced up the mountain, to the volcano opening. Stumbling and crying, she managed to find the old phoenix nest. She set the bird down and smiled at it before climbing down, trying to find her way to a village. She could not return to her's, for the bandits would surely find her again.

The baby phoenix grew throughout the years and eventually became a brilliant adolescent. He took to the skies as he had done in the old days, but warded his volcano more carefully. In his new life, he learned how to disguise himself with the mirage of a fire spirit, humanoid looking. Thus he traveled to the nearby towns to bask in the glory of life.

In one town, he met a girl with curling blond hair and deep blue eyes. She was very beautiful, though her aura was odd. He could feel a steady, dark blue, but he also felt the spark of a lively red around her. He also felt that he had met her before, but he couldn't remember how. Well, he spoke to her and invited her out with him. When he touched her, she did not burn, though she said that she felt the heat of a strong heart in his palm. Slowly, he came to realize that she was a water elemental, perhaps a doomed love for him. Still, he could not doubt that he loved her. One day, the phoenix confessed to his love. He explained what he was and she was overjoyed. She exclaimed that it was she who had saved him when he was reborn. He looked into her dark eyes and knew that she was telling the truth. They swore their love to each other, though they were of opposite elements.

Their first child came many months later, in the summertime. The baby was pulchritudinous, and delightfully so. She was lively and was crawling about in no time. Her hair grew quickly, a burning red-orange. Her eyes, when they changed, only grew darker in hue from the baby's blue she had been born with. Her skin was pale, the same color as her father's under his plumage. They named her Aidan.

Aidan grew up quickly under the care of her mother, as her father had to protect the sun in the sky. She learned how to manipulate water and she also learned about her other blazing powers. She learned that her's was a life centered around balance. She could not lean to heavily on one of her elements, else the other one would consume her. Yet, she learned, because of counter elements (having a strength the opposite element of your own), she was doubly as strong in her powers. Whenever she learned something with her water side, her fire side would become stronger too. Her mother started to make her set aflame sticks and branches and then put them out with her water. She was a speedy learner, though it was tough to keep the balance centered at all times.

Her father explained to her that she was part phoenix, and he taught her the lore of the phoenixes. He told her that what he was doing would be considered against the rules of his kind, as only pure phoenixes should learn the knowledge that he gave her. Still, she was his daughter, and he felt a duty to raise her as a proper phoenix. He also mentioned that she might get an extra long life that would start over if she were killed. He wasn't positive about the results of her death, but he figured that she would have to know.

For a while, she stayed on with her mother at their farm and would watch her father fly past them every morning. Slowly, though, she grew bored with the life she led, knowing that she could do so many more amazing things. After consulting her mother, she left for a school of magic. She finally found on in the the capital city and enrolled. She learned many things, but she still was not satisfied. It was at this time that she learned of her mother's death. She was sad and went crazy, running away from her school. She sought out her father and when she found them, they had a long discussion about everything. From that talk, Aidan learned more about who she was and why she was. She left the volcano with a heavy heart.

After that, she took what her mother had left her and sold it, all except the portion of the river that her mother owned. She gave the person she sold the farm to rights to operate on the river, but she warned him not to disturb it more than he had to. Then she left with the money she had made and went out in the world. She studied for a while with an expert water crafter and then a fire mage. She focused on her studies, but it could not drive the urge for something more for her. Finally, at twenty three, she left her studies and went abroad into one of the major cities. She started to work as a waitress for a while, but she still did not enjoy her life. Aidan left the job and continued to search for the right path.

Personality: Aidan is unsure of herself mostly. She doesn't really know who she is, and that creates hesitance within her actions. She knows that she wants something great, but she can't seem to put her finger on what exactly she wants. She continues to flit from job to job, and it might make her seem flighty, but in actuality, she is very loyal to her purposes. She just doesn't know what her purposes are all the time. On the outside, she seems a little troubled, but she is a nice enough girl. She is stubborn and won't settle for any old thing. She is determined, and that makes her dependable.


Aidan's appearance is quite remarkable really. She stands at five feet five inches, with a relatively curvy silhouette. Her hair is both short and long, with the shorter strands a bright orange-red and her longer strands blue in hue. She has dark blue eyes which glisten when hit with light. Her stature is rather straight, as she doesn't want to appear weak to those around her. She has a commanding presence in which she longs for people to look at her and acknowledge her. She likes to wear comfortable clothing of any color and wears a single silver ring with a curious stone at the center. The origins and the name of the gem are unknown, but it glistens pale blue like water.

Abilities: She can manipulate water and fire at her will because she has studied for years. She is also good at getting jobs done.
Weakness: She cannot decide what she wants to do. If she doesn't like something, then she will leave after her final obligations are completed. She can't stay satisfied for very long.
Other: She'll be turned into a vampire soon enough. =D

Kindness: 3
Sociability: 2
Neatness: 2
Intelligence: 5
Courage: 3
Virtue: 2
Strength: 3
Agility: 2
Strategy: 0
Magical capability: 6
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1

You're trying to kidnap what I've rightfully stolen.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikki <333
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Aidan Lynn Le'shua
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