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 Arius Phylos

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PostSubject: Arius Phylos   Fri Mar 12, 2010 10:13 am

Username: Winndy

Name: Arius Phylos

Nickname: None that she is aware of

Age: She's never paid attention to time, but it appears she's only in her early twenties at most

Gender: Female

Race: A Hybrid (elf and faerie) but it's incredibly hard to tell that she is, given how the two are usually closely related

Bio: Arius isn't one to give her life story at the drop of a hat, and it isn't clear why that is. However, if asked from someone she finds acceptable and even a good friend, she can tell more than one would possibly like to know of her.

She wasn't sure if it was long ago, or only happened a few years ago, since part of her viewing of time is skewed as far as humans and some other races are concerned, but it started with an elven maiden. She was beautiful, said to be the most lovely creature in the village and miles around. However she was shy and diminutive in personality, and even if the man who proposed to her was handsome and genuinely kind, a rare combination, she would turn him down; this happened for a good while, until a curious stranger arrived. He was tall, handsome, kind and generous, giving all a pleasant smile and a warm greeting. No one was sure where he had come from, but he too had taken notice of the pretty elf maid, and he too proposed his love for her, and the biggest surprise was that she accepted. By the next morning, the two lovers were gone, never to be heard of again, and the village blessed the two for eternal happiness.

As it turns out, however, the man was a Faerie Duke by the name of Kellenvad, and also one of the most cruel of all the fae lords. The other fae would say he truly loved the elf woman, but to most other folk it wasn't love in the slightest, so twisted that it could hardly be recognized as such. Even so, the maiden stayed with the Duke, for he had soon become everything to her in life. Soon, she was found pregnant, and only what seemed like a little later, gave birth to a stunning girl.

The girl scarce had any resemblance to her mother, except for being of the same sex. Her hair was a brilliant fiery red, all the hues and colors that can be found in a flickering flame, just as her father's, yet flowers of the sweetest scents and most lovely to behold also grew in the locks of her hair, always blooming and in bloom, never seen to wilt. Her eyes were the color of new spring leaves and rolling fields, the color of what her father's dual eyes would combine as. Then, her skin was healthy and peachy, a light pink and softer than any rose's petals, and her ears delicately pointed. The latter is hard to say if that is from her mother's side or her father's, since the both have knifed-ears. The wings to be found on her back were not with her at birth, nor did they come about naturally. It was much later in life when the Duke forced these upon her, to make her 'even more stunning', and it is true that they do give such an effect. They are large and gorgeous, but sadly, are only for visual pleasure, they have no use beyond that.

Curiously, the Duke showed more... compassion to the young girl as she grew up. Perhaps because the Duke was rather vain, and could so easily see himself in the young girl, and he was the only one who he treated the best of the best, and his young daughter received much the same treatment. When it came to naming the daughter, it was all based around Kellenvad's idea of a good name, even if the poor elf woman tried to give some suggestions, she was rebuffed. When the girl was old enough to walk and properly speak, her poor mother was near forgotten and cast aside by the Duke, finding someone much more lovely and entertaining than before.

At times, Arius would cause the fae some grief, and he would become angry, casting down his wrath upon the poor girl, and she soon learned of doing her best not to anger him. As she grew older, she became more lovely, and more interesting to Kellenvad, until her beauty much outweighed her mother's, and some would whisper in hushed tones the faerie Duke's as well. Kellenvad hadn't seen any other being more divine than his daughter, and saw that there was no other who could be a more perfect lover, and that's what Arius became for some time, and that was when she truly knew Hell.

Kellenvad treated her no better, perhaps even worse, than he did to her mother. Arius became the Duke's most prized possession, his delicate flower, a true golden trophy among people that no one but him could touch, much less have. As it was inevitable, she was found pregnant, and that was perhaps the breaking point for the poor woman. She sought to escape from the horrible faerie's clutches, and because she was born with the clever wit of a fae, had soon found a way to wriggle out of the Duke's grasp and escaped.

She fled for a small village in Arik, close to the forest, and gave birth to a son. He was much unlike his father, and her own father. His hair was darker than the black of a raven's wing, his skin was a sickly pale and eyes as cool as a mist; Arius named the boy Morvren.

She raised and taught much to her son on her own, and while half faerie heritage, didn't give the poor boy the same cruelty as her father and his kin have been known to deliver, at least that is what she thought. She loved her son, but deep down, had a feeling for him much like hate. She had the boy be aware of the deceiving nature of the fae, the tricks and cruel whims, but most especially she taught him of his father, Kellenvad. Morvren grew up with hate of his father, of the atrocities he had committed to his mother. He swore to Arius that he would make the Duke suffer, that he would know Hell, and be brought down. Arius was at first surprised by her child's ambition to destroy their father, but she soon encouraged it in small ways, and as soon as he could tell a dagger from the grip and the pointy end, sought out to have him learn everything of the blade. She had found such a teacher, and had convinced him to teach her son, whiles he taught her boy the magical arts on the side.

Years passed, the boy became one of the most competent warriors of Arik, and even word of him had reached down to Ient, and Morvren was only at the age of sixteen. Of course, Kellenvad had heard too of the boy, of his skills and prowess, and sought him out, more to see if such words spoken were indeed true, but too to retrieve his lost, precious treasure. The Duke didn't find Arius, nor Morvren, but the boy did find Kellenvad. When the time was right, the lad striked out at his father. Truthfully, the battle would have lopsided, in the faerie man's favor, if not hadn't Morvren's be of pure iron, the bane of the fae. Both had become critically wounded, though Morvren even more so, and both perished on the bloody battleground, never to see their beloved Arius even one more time.

When Arius heard rumor of her child being slain, and Kellenvad with him, she wasn't sure whether to be filled with joy or sorrow. She did grieve over the loss of her son, but interestingly not nowhere near the lengthy amount of time most mother's would. With nothing else for her to find in Arik, she left the small country, and set out for the west. She has traveled long, and far, on an adventure with no real end in sight. She doesn't know what she seeks or hopes to find out in life, and perhaps that is why she's journeying, to find such an answer.

Personality: If not for her hardships in life, Arius would be a kindly and sweet girl, shy, but not so painfully as her mother was. But that is not her. Arius instead is a bit of a cold and slightly callous woman. She can show kindness, and it can be genuine, but it's rare and even hard for her to display such emotion. When most, especially men, approach her in thinking she is nothing more than a prime example of the so-called 'weaker sex', and always are they surprised to find that she can be a little spitfire, teasing and laughing at them cruelly and twisting their words (and sometime their bodies) all up. Her kinder side is more seen by children, those who have suffered great misfortune, and people that she can see truly do not hold onto darkness in any of it's many and terrible forms. It's this side that is said to be her true personality, when she gives one the adoring and loving attention only a mother can give, and this too is when one can see how much the woman has been through, and that a sort of echoing sadness ebbs off of her.

Appearance: Beautiful. Gorgeous. Divine. There aren't many words that can sum up the loveliness of Arius. She's tall for a woman at 5'9'', slender with some slight curves to her. As said, she has hair that is a fiery red color, but it has streaks of plum, blonde, dark pink and all other warm and vibrant colors; too are the flowers that grow and twists around her locks of hair, with gently pointed ears knifing through the locks of hair. All exotic and each a jewel to behold, and the perfume that envelopes her is wonderful, and it can override even the foulest stench. She had a round face, but with some neat and delicate angles and set in with eyes greener than a rainforest. Her skin has the peachy bloom of health, and still as soft and smooth as a babe's. Perhaps the most eye-catching part of her appearance are her wings. Very large, opening and closing like a butterfly's (she can though fold them back and down to be small and out of the way, and made comfortable when she has to lie down). All sorts of patterns and spots dance across, but are iridescent and clear with a rainbow tinge like a dragonfly's, and when the light shines through, makes them even more stunning. It is said that there is no one person who cannot envy her, even just a little bit.

Abilities: Arius is quite sociable and does know how to make her way through any town or settlement, even if never having been there before, but her most interesting skill is with that of with bladed weapons. Along her travels, she had taken a huge interest in swordsmanship, and has practiced long and hard with such tools. She fights with dual weapons, and relies on speed over strength, and too many have dually regretted ever challenging her to a duel. Of course, being the daughter of a powerful faerie lord, her magical skill isn't anything to laugh at either.

Weakness: She can be a tough one to make even a warm acquaintance with (unless she sees you as otherwise), and is as likely to smile at you as to run you through with one of her blades, or so some of the rumors circling around her go. Though quick and light on her feet and graceful, feats of strength are not her forte in the slightest; even the simplest ones she can have a difficult time completing. Also, because she is half fae she gets faint and sickly while around large deposits of metal, the worst being iron. While this particular weakness isn't near as severe as a full fae, it still can very well be a matter of life and death for her.

Other: It's said, and is truthfully told, that she doesn't much like people that are beautiful. This isn't any cause of her being vain and worrying about competition (really, if there's someone more beautiful than her, they're perfectly welcome to take all the attention). The reason given this is unknown to near all, but the truth is she's afraid. People always think beauty means kindness but that is hardly the case, and perhaps that is one reason why she is often such a bitch to everyone; she means to protect them from their own folly in believing that if someone is beautiful, that their nature and personality is just as well. She doesn't care if this means she gains no friends, if it means that some people don't have to suffer anything like she did, that grants her some happiness.

-You have thirty points and thirty points only. Fill out these carefully
Kindness: 2
Sociability: 3
Neatness: 2
Intelligence: 3
Courage: 3
Virtue: 2
Strength: 0
Agility: 6
Strategy: 1
Magical capability: 5
Defense: 2
Accuracy: 1
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Arius Phylos
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