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PostSubject: Non-Humanoid   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:12 pm

1. Wyverns: A Sub-species of Dragon, they have short limbs, and a long, snake-like body. They have large powerful wings, and come in a wide variety. They are usually neutral, only hurting when their territory or nest is disturbed or deemed In-Danger. Lately, there has been outbreaks of red and black Wyverns acting out of their nature, somehow being forced to attack whole cities. They are armored with scales, and are hard to defeat. The only weakness is if you can pierce their unprotected eyes, or if they are wounded and scales have been scraped off of their underbelly.

2. Dragons: Dragons are one of the most fantastical and mythical beings in Amarynth, and even more varied in the flesh than their legends on Earth. Some do look very much like the Earthly Western version, giant, fire-breathing lizards with great powerful wings, as do some also look more like the Asian variety, long serpentine bodies with no wings yet with heads and face's more akin to a dog's. However, there have been some of which have been mistaken for griffins.
Dragons have extraordinary powers, even by the standards of Amarynth (there's been a rumor circling around that Lord Ramieth has envied their power even), with one ability being to change their shape at will, to even appearing as one of the more humanoid races. They do not change to humanoid form often though, since they care little for associating with such beings. One other gift is that many can predict the future by reading the stars, and many of the various prophecies of Amarynth have spawned from such predictions.
They are known for being very intelligent and wise, perhaps even the wisest of all beings, and thus are considered very sacred to near all creatures, and thus is considered a very terrible dishonor and sin to slay a dragon. However, there have been several cases of the slayings of dragon-hybrids; they being forced into their more draconic form, and all various materials to be gathered from their to be sold on the black market (eyes, scales, etc.).
It's said, for any one of the humanoid races, be they an actual human, elf, dwarf, whoever, to come upon dragon, and a peaceful transaction and conversation exchanged, that the calamities of the world would soon cease.

3. Phoenix/ Arctic Flights: Legendary Elemental birds. Phoenixes; at the end of their age, burst into flames, and rebirth themselves from their own ashes. They are scarlet plumed and have a song ranging in high, sharp soprano notes. Arctic Flights lay down in the ice and freeze over, suddenly explode into many glass-like shards of ice, and are reborn from the pile. They are sapphire plumed, with white accents, and have a soft, melodious alto song. Their tears have a magnificent healing property, but getting one to cry is impossible. They will only appear to those who need them. If you hear their song, they are saying you are at peace, and safe within their watch.

4. Neikra: A hybrid of horse and unicorn. Often found in Sakreh due to being just as sturdy as a horse and able to survive the harsh deserts.

5. Gallymynus: Large, bizarre looking creatures. They are at least twenty feet tall and roam the plains and forests of both Azyme and Tyree, however more common in Tyree. They have a large, round head with doe-like eyes and a hole on both sides of the head which serve as the ears. No mouth to speak of yet have a long trunk-like nose, similar to an elephant's. They have long, thick necks (much like a giraffes) which has a long mane going down the center, starting at the top of their heads like a horse and ending along the mid of their backs. They have no arms but stand on two mighty legs that are as thick as tree trunks, with feet also much like an elephant's. They have a small, rather disproportionate body, and they have a thick, stub like tail which end in a sort of rounded point. They range in light greens and browns with large spots flecking their bodies in deeper tones of the two prior colors. They travel in herds and are gentle giants. Also oddly intelligent, but if spooked, they will run and trample down anything in their path; some small villages have been totally destroyed because of these creatures, and were often hunted in the past because of this.

6. Talazmine: Terrible beasts resembling like that of a dragon, but often much smaller. About ten feet high and fifteen feet long. They are like a giant, deep black lizard (only do they come in black or a very deep shade of blue or green) with finned ears and no wings. The most famous trait though is what are at the ends of their arms and feet: peculiar, crab claw-like appendages that are more akin to smaller gaping maws. They are not like extra pairs of mouths, but they do terrible damage nonetheless. Crushing their prey and skewing them with the hundreds of needle like teeth inside the claws. On their feet are the claws, but they are growing out from what could be otherwise normal feet for a reptile. They have grown rare in numbers these days, and often make their habitats in swamps, though some have resided in forests. They will eat just about anything, and there is no such thing as "fear" to them.
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