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 Humanoid Beings

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PostSubject: Humanoid Beings   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:13 pm

1. Elementals: Elf-like creatures that are the very essence of a certain element. There can only be one of each element walking the earth at one time, for they are like Demi-Gods of that magic. They never die, for when they are attacked, pieces fall and they are born again in seeds, dew drops, or pebbles. They usually appear where their element is most abundant. The only exception on all rules is the Blood Elemental; being born out of Cadavers strewn on war touched battle fields. These Blood Elementals may also be classified as Demons, due to their dark nature and relevance to death.

2. Parasite: A plant that has taken hold of a human host. These plants use the Human brain to move, communicate and hunt. They often appear as very beautiful women sitting on large plants, with vines sprouting from their heads. They are often not clothed at all, or covered thinly by leaves of the parasitic plant. They can appear as strong males, but this is very, very rare. It is said that there is a King of Parasites, and beside him sit’s the Queen Parasite, and they appear as the most beautiful beings the forest can bear. They can communicate, but only if they want to talk, rather than to hiss their snake-like language. The Human host’s eyes glow green, and over time, the hair on their head grows long and becomes tinted with green. Walking too close to them results in seeding; and the only antidote is the song of a Dryad.

3. Dryad: The true spirit of the forest. Similar to Parasites, they take the form of a beautiful woman wrapped in leaves and vines. They are not parasitic, this is just their natural form. The difference is that a Dryad’s humanoid hair is made entirely of leaves, and she seems to be anchored to a stump beneath her feet that walks on it’s roots. They never appear as males, and reproduce like a strawberry plant; by producing a shoot that flowers and is pollinated, and then grows a “berry” of sorts; which appears as a baby. The berry “Ripens” Quickly, but in the years where they are seen as “Teenagers”; they become the most powerful. Dryads sing and were said to be the first to teach Humans Language and the Gift of Song.
Their songs have many properties and magics that are unique to a certain tune. It is said that they shared their magic with Dancers and Bards in the beginning, and it has been passed down in Human Lore since then. They are often kind and caring, but in the beginning they were vain towards other plant-life. They were the cause of the Jealousy of Parasites; a war between Dryads and Parasites before the Parasites began taking Humans to be like Dryads. Only they can heal un-sprouted damage done to a Parasite’s Human Host.

4. Arzink: An inhabitant of the marshlands. They stand up-right like any humanoid but have amphibian like skin. They have only slits for noses and large fish-like eyes. A kind passive species that will aide you if you get stuck amongst the swamps.

5. Encantados: A species that enjoys capturing anyone near their swamp and trapping them in the murky depths. When they take a victim they will usually follow along a current to the ocean and take them to the deepest region. In this region a perfect utopia is said to reside. Encantados can appear human at their will (they are often seen in the appearence of a dolphin) but they cannot hide a blowhole atop their head or large foreheads.

6. Fae or Fey: A mysterious race of beings that have gone by many, many names. The Fair Folk, the Good People or Good Neighbors, the Little People, and even "faerie" has been spelled in a number of ways, like fairy, faery, faerie. Legend has it that they have their very own Realm, different from Earth and Amarynth, but similar to both, known as either Faerie or Arcadia.
They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and sub-species; for every little thing, from a stream, to a rock, to a tree, there is most definitely some sort of fae associated with it. The Fae have been known to be capricious, going off their own whims and needs, but this does not mean that they are evil, many have been known to show kindness or do a good deed for many kinds of ilk. Often there are tales of people getting spirited away by the Fair Folk, and usually these people have some sort of talent to lend to the fae, from singing to dancing to painting. Some, however, are taken for darker amusements...
No matter where one travels to, even if it is a small, rural village, often do they have a story to share about these folk.
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Humanoid Beings
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