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 Demons and Undead

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PostSubject: Demons and Undead   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:14 pm

1. Demonfolk: Powerful and cruel beings, capable of the most terrible of magics and strong enough to change into and maintain a humanoid form, which are often both beautiful and terrible to look upon, for many examples of this race of beings are terribly vain. They do have a form, akin to being their "true" form, that is something most creatures, demon and non-demon alike, near-never see. This "true form" is often very large, and sight like nothing of this world; majestic yet brutal and one of the most terrible things to behold for anyone, even another of their kind.
When in their humanoid form, they appear and act as most humans do, but more often than not, it is their selfish and unbelievably cruel natures that give them away more than any physical feature. While they can be as varied as humans in appearance, often the demonfolk have some physical trait that hints to their true being: hair as dark as night, eyes like that of blood, or skin as pale as a pearl; a bit surprisingly, it is actually quite rare to encounter one who has all three traits, yet it is often those who appear as such have are the most firm in their identity, and thus one of the more worst cases.
About all of them are of "nobility", yet they can range in all social classes, from being a peasant to that of true royalty. The most well known, both socially and of power, currently is Lord Ramieth

2. Vampires: A species of fallen humans, stemming from those bitten by the Night Hunters called Nosferatu long ago. They are characterized by inhuman, solid and cold pallid skin, red eyes, and super reflexes and senses. They are truly monsters. They need to feed on blood for survival, and unless they are outcast hybrids, they are destroyed in the sunlight, reduced to piles of ash. They are very strong and have a lot of influence in the demon-world. They have magical powers beyond that of a normal human mage, and often they collect in Queen-Ruled covens. Otherwise they travel and hunt alone.
Though some say that there are actually TWO different kinds of vampires. One is the so called mentioned above, the other is said to be that of a worse fate. This vampirism is akin to that of a disease; when afflicted, the victim suffers with symptoms much like the flu; a high fever, aches and pains all over the body, going from feeling burning hot to freezing cold in a matter of moments. The difference though is that the victim has truly horrific nightmares centering around that of a vampire, such as trying to feed on blood but having their mouth sewn shut, watching a vampire who looks like themselves kill and feed from a loved one, and so on. It takes only three days for the victim to complete the transition, and often, do they realize too late of what illness they have and what they have, or will, become.
Near any species can be afflicted with the deadly disease, from elves, to humans to hybrids. Once this kind of vampire, the person suffers a severe addiction to blood, and though not in "need" of it to survive, they go into a deadly killing frenzy if they do not get any from extended periods of time. Their weaknesses are much like that of a normal vampires, however gain no extraordinary powers or talents. The disease, strangely too, either extends or shortens the lifespan of the victim, depending on what they were, but often the person suffers from the ailment for three hundred years, if they do die in some other fashion. Eventually, if they do not get themselves killed or commit suicide, the disease overwhelms the body finally, killing them in a gruesome fit of coughing up blood and being unable to breathe (or which they suffer such effects over the course of their "cursed existence".)

3. Ghosts: Found all over Amarynth, they are the lost spirits of the dead. Some are angry and violent. Some are sorrowful and passive. Many play horrible events of their death on a replay, unable to escape. They are immune to physical attack, and even certain magics. However there are some spells and rite that can urge them (or force them) to move on, and often there are those whose life is centered around being an exorcist.

4.Shadows: Grotesque wolf-like creatures that are able to change form into whoever's soul they devour. They were created by the sins and fears that lay deep within each human's heart. At least that is what the theory has become.
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Demons and Undead
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