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PostSubject: Civilizations   Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:17 pm

1. Ents: Trees that act and speak like Humans. They are the protectors of all forests, and the oldest trees are not surprisingly Ents. They can move, but if they prefer a certain location, they will root there and remain for centuries. Up close, they appear to have beards and mustaches made of their very leaves. They have seen the world grow from it’s infancy, and only a few per forest are left. They are not immortal, and they are not magical. Their life spans simply range for many, many, many years. They are physically one of the strongest beings of Amarynth.

2. Merfolk: They inhabit all oceans, and range in features and social structures just as humans do, yet some appear rather alien and not quite at all "human". The most commonly known of merfolk are those who form communities much like the humanoid races on land, such as kingdoms, cities and even small town and villages beneath the surface. Then there are the more "loner" types of merfolk, seemingly more akin to beasts than any "intelligent and sentient being", but are just as intelligent as their more "socialized" kin; these merfolk travel far and wide in search of unclaimed territory and a mate, building their lives solely around their small family, uncaring to others, even other merfolk.
Some Sea Elves are technically merfolk, and they resemble elves more than they resemble humans. They still have tails like fish and live underwater. Below the waves they sing and speak beautifully, but above water, they sound like gasping fish. Only certain people understand the words when they surface. They are powerful mages, and powerful soldiers, defending their world from demons and other things alike.
Merfolk have their own curious language they speak, one that takes decades for a human to even grasp saying and pronouncing only a couple of words. Some merfolk learn to speak the language on land, however there are some merfolk, the so-called more "alien" kind, that simply cannot speak the words of land, they do not possess the vocal chords to do so. However, they have been able to preform various magics to communicate with telepathy with those on land with even better clarity than those who can speak "land tongues".
Generally, most do not interfere with the troubles above the waves, and are regarded as peaceful and benevolent beings. However, there have been many cases where one of the land people have angered the merfolk, and of which they have been drowned and even devoured. Worse still, some merchant ships have sunk because of the merfolk.

3. Nymphs: A certain civilization of Greater Fae that take the form of non-specific elements, such as Wood and Floral, or Lake and Sand. They are very powerful with magic, but cannot fly. They are called “Mother” by the other smaller and lesser Fae. To see one in her humanoid form is rare, but when you do; you are instantly enraptured by her spells and great beauty.

4. Magii: Small people that resemble elves which live in the forests of Amarynth. They do not speak in a language or volume audible to humans or other elves, but live together in harmony. They heal those that need it, and can be found in any forest at any given time. Being so small, they are rarely threatened, except by the feet of Golems or other very tall and large creatures.

5. The Twilight Elves: Very little is known about these folk, and more often than not, there is spectacle if whether they even exist. There are only two people to have any clues to these reclusive people: those from Kessir, or their more brutal cousins, the Dark Elves.
The prior tell that they have a pact with the people, a peace between them that has been ongoing for centuries, or even millenniums, and they say they truly are kindly. The latter, however, do not give such kind words to them, for in truth, the Dark Elves and Twilight Elves have never been on good terms; often it has been rough at best, then at worst they were at war with one another. Generally, it is hard to tell the difference between a Dark Elf and a Twilight Elf, since they are "close cousins." They have skin tones that range from pure black to a light gray, and their eyes are often in the warm colors, meaning reds, oranges and yellows, with even the whites of their eyes being tinged with one of these colors. Always is their hair fair in color, like blond, silver or even salt white.

6. Dark Elves: They have a considerably small kingdom to that of the Twilight Elves, only residing in the forests of the Yawnzey Coast and Spear's Head Point, their most famous cities being Arzgarth and Blenn. Although they also share the city of Arzlic with the country Ient, which long ago has made an alliance with the Dark Elves.
The Dark Elves cities are unique in the sense that they do not have wooden or stone huts. Rather, they live in caverns under ground and generally share an "open space" with one another. Many other races would call them barbaric with some of their rites and way of living, seeming more like that of animals than any sort of cultural people; those who are not elven truly wonder if they are as such, and those who are elven often turn their heads away.
Always have the Dark Elves been on rough terms with their cousins, the Twilight Elves, given that the latter has much more land than they themselves do. Often the Dark Elves make raiding parties on small villages of the Twilight Elves, sometimes victorious, yet oddly, not as much.
They share a very similar appearance with their cousins, they too have dark skin, and it too can get to be quite pale, even more so than some of the Twilight Elves. They also never have hair darker than a medium gray, usually the color ranges in blond to silver to white. Their eyes are often a red color, with some cases being yellow or orange, however some have been known to have a pearly milky color without actually being blind. The main difference between them and the Twilight Elves though is that the Dark Elves are not quite as graceful as most have in mind that an elf is. In truth, the Dark Elves are either lanky and scrawny, or of a rough build. Generally they do not quite carry themselves with an air of elegance, more so they are slightly hunched over, with their eyes darting to and from, giving the impression of paranoia. They are also often a little taller than their cousins.

7.Shape Shifters: This mysterious race is quite hard to pin down as to an appearance. Naturally, they can shape shift into any form that they have met before. If they have not seen the shape, however, they cannot change into it. While they do change shape quite a bit, they generally have a human form that they like to stick to and an animal form that they favor. These creatures live for a long time, but no where near forever. They tend to look young at all times, but that is mostly because of their shifting. If they do not care about their appearance or lose their shifting abilities, then their 'shimmer' will wear off and their true age will shine through their facade. Strangely, whenever they do lose their powers (if they are cuffed in anti-shape shifter chains or something), they turn into their human form, so they look like an old human if they are 284 and they have lost their shimmer. Importantly, their power comes from the food that they eat and how they take care of themselves. They burn calories whenever they shape shift, so at times, they can eat three times their weight in food if they have shifted intensely within the day. Their society is king-of-the-hill based, in which their leader can be challenged at any time for a duel for the throne. These creatures are tough and neutral, sometimes evil, sometimes good.

8. Hybrids: Beings resembling the appearance of two races (such as human and elf, merfolk and elf, etc). They are hated greatly by most races and are often used in sacrifices of any other disposable nature. There is vast discrimination and racism against these races and it is not uncommon to hear of genocides dealing with the species. Because of this it has become uncommon to come across a hybrid.
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